Antistatic PVC Curtain Roll

Origin : Japan
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Pack. & Delivery : Roll
Specification : Antistatic PVC curtain can be utilized as a barrier wall or protective curtain material in
the ESD sensitive environment. It is made of anti-static PVC material or continuous
Honeycomb black carbon lines printed on one side of the PVC sheet.
Standard size : 1.37m W x 30m L.
Available thickness : 0.3/ 0.5/ 2/ 3/ 5mm
An outstanding feature of plastic polymeric film is its high surface and high volume
resistivity. Electro-safe consists of a polymeric sheet with a grid, or lattice, of conducting
paint. The applied lines obscure less than 0.17% of the the surface, leaving the remainder
clear with unaltered physical properties. The conductivity will not be decreased by
handling or cleaning because of the thickness of the conductor in the lines.
The Electro-Safe also complies with the stringent requirements of the National Fire
Protection Association for “ Recommended Safe Practice for Hospital Operation Rooms.” which demands that “ no point on a non-conductive element of the surface is
more than one quarter of an inch from a conductive element of the surface” .

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