The Value of Customers Satisfaction,
HARADA INDONESIA strives to supply high quality products, that will quarantee the satisfaction of our customers. We continue to take an active role in discovering new business and products in various fields, suggesting them to our customers.

About Harada Indonesia.
Establisted in 2002, PT. Harada Indonesia as a major supplier of various kinds of cleanroom and antistatic control solutions, cleanroom laundry service and general industrial supply.

We have an innovation Laundry System and being the first in Batam which using a Barcode Laundry Systems. As the cleanroom and static control products distributor in Indonesia under Harada Brand, we are providing customer satisfaction to best quality. On the other hand, we have been gradually expanding on producing cleanroom garments to cater local and overseas market.

The range of products covers a veriety of end user applications in controlled and critical environments, including :

  • Electronics - Micro Electronics
  • Semiconductor
  • Hard Disk Drive ( HDD)
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
  • Laboratory
  • Food Processing
  • Surgical, Medical & Dental
  • Industrial & Assembly

Presently, we have been authorized to distribute top grade cutting, milling, turning, grinding accessories, tools and storage Ranking System in Indonesia market.

For futher enquires and more information please call :
Batam : (+62 778) 461777, 467785, 467786
Email : customerservice@haradaindonesia.com

Major Customers :

  • Advanced Interconnect Technologies
  • Amtek Plastic
  • Asahi Electronic Indonesia
  • Asahi Plas
  • Batam Simco
  • Epson Batam
  • Esg Panatec
  • Fuchigami Micro Indonesia
  • Giken Precision Indonesia
  • Hantong Precision
  • Hi Tech Agratektron
  • Hymold Batam
  • Inzign
  • JMS Batam
  • Livatech
  • LKD Mult
  • Maruwa
  • Micro tech
  • Minamoto Indonesia
  • Nactec
  • Nagano Drilube
  • Nippon SP Tech
  • Noble Batam, NOK / SOC
  • NSP Tech Batam
  • Panasonic Shikoku Electronic Batam
  • Panasonic Electronic Devices Batam
  • Perkin Elmer Batam
  • Plexus Manufacturing Indonesia
  • Sanmina SCI Batam
  • Sanwa Engineering
  • Sanyo Energy
  • Sanyo Precision
  • Scheneider Electronic Batam
  • Sealand Pacifik
  • Sempurna Abadi
  • Shin Etsu
  • Siemens Precision
  • Solectron
  • Sumitomo Wirring Indonesia
  • Surya Technology
  • Sys Mac
  • Takamori Indonesia
  • Teac
  • Team Metal
  • TEC
  • Top Foam
  • Tropical Westec
  • Yeakin Plastic
  • Zyrexindo Mandiri Buana
  • Mutsuki Electric Indonesia
  • Feelux Indonesia
  • Dawee Electronics Indonesia
  • Shinmei Electric Indonesia
  • etc.

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